A Mamil and a Fred Went Out to Climb a Mountain

Michael Hutchinson, an author of 3 books, gave a 5-star review of the UAE Tour on Twitter yesterday:

He had been heard and promptly echoed:

I suspect no one, except the inner circle of the UCI, knows why UAE Tour exists.

Pat Lefevere, being Pat Lefevere, came out and spared no punches calling the UCI a dictatorship.

Not in relation to the UAE Tour, more like: by the way, UCI is a dictatorship taking money from an emergency fund, bankrolled by teams, to pay Euro lawyers to shut up teams who gave this money to be spent on good causes and not against teams who gave UCI the money in the first place.

The Climb

If you have never heard of The ClimbMichael Covino’s 2019 feature film, don’t worry — me neither.

The film appeared in 2018 at Sundance Festival as an 8-minute short. People with cash (Sony Pictures) and taste (Trafalgar Releasing) liked it so much, they bought it and paid Michael to make a feature-length film.

It’s a story of two friends, a kitted-up Mamil on a $15,000 bike and a dude in sleeveless t-shirt, rock climbing helmet and clown socks riding in keds, overgeared, up what looks like some Euro col.

The rock climbing helmet opens up and tells the Mamil his undying affection for his ex-girlfriend at which point the Mamil, no doubt in a sharing mood too, confesses — he slept with the keds’ ex.

Typical cycling story.

The Climb will hit the big screens on 20 March.